Flexible Graphite Sheet

 Flexible Graphite Sheet     |      2018-11-19 17:06

Flexible graphite paper is mainly used to produce various kinds of flexible graphite seals. Flexible graphite paper is also one of the sealing graphite paper. Flexible graphite paper has good heat resistance, smooth function, thermal conductivity, sealing function and flexibility, and has the characteristics of easy cutting and processing, so its application range is not limited. It is often extensive.

Graphite paper is made from expanded graphite or flexible graphite. Flexible graphite paper is made from flexible graphite. Flexible graphite paper is characterized by good flexibility and resilience and can be used on curved surfaces. The price of flexible graphite paper is based on order quantity, production cost, production technology and standards. To make it.

Flexible graphite paper has a good application in the field of industrial dynamic sealing. Flexible graphite paper has the advantages of good sealing, good flexibility, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance. Different kinds of graphite paper have different uses.

Flexible graphite paper can also be used for sealing and heat dissipation. Flexible graphite paper is a good sealing material with outstanding high temperature resistance, sealing, flexibility, resilience, etc. Flexible graphite paper overcomes the shortcomings of brittleness, porous, elastic, and operates under high temperature, high pressure or radiation conditions. The price of 0.2 flexible graphite paper refers to the standard price of 0.2 mm flexible graphite paper. Flexible graphite paper can be cut and processed into sealing products of various shapes.

Flexible graphite paper can be processed into flexible graphite sealing products, such as flexible graphite packing rings, flexible graphite disk roots, flexible graphite strips, graphite metal composite plates, graphite sealing gaskets, etc. It has good thermal conductivity and can give full play to the heat dissipation effect of flexible graphite paper.