Graphite paper

 Graphite paper     |      2018-11-20 09:39

Graphite paper can be divided into flexible graphite paper, low carbon graphite paper, sealing graphite paper, high purity graphite paper, etc. Graphite paper is made of high carbon phosphorus sheet graphite by chemical treatment and high temperature expansion rolling. It is the basic material for making various graphite seals.

Graphite paper is a new heat conduction and heat dissipation material. It is a high crystallinity lamellar material with advanced composition technology and chemical method under high temperature environment. The chemical composition is mainly a single carbon (C) element, which is a natural element mineral. Carbon is a non-metallic element, but it has higher thermal conductivity and conductivity than metal data. The greatest advantage of graphite thermal conductive paper is that it can conduct heat and dissipate heat along the film plane. Compared with traditional metal data, its thermal conductivity is 3-5 times that of copper and aluminium. The graphite film has excellent electromagnetic shielding performance, and the shielding effect can reach more than 90dB in the 10M-10GHz interval.

Graphite paper, also known as graphite sheet, can be used in petroleum, chemical industry, high-temperature equipment or components, and can be made into various graphite strips, fillers, sealing gaskets, composite plates, cylinder gaskets and so on.

Graphite is the crystal of carbon and a non-metallic substance. The color of graphite is mainly silver gray. It has a very soft texture and a metallic luster. Mohs hardness is 1-2 and specific gravity is 2.2-2.3. Its capacity is usually 1.5-1.8. The melting point of graphite paper is very high. The melting point of graphite paper is very high. It tends to dissolve at the beginning of softening at 3000 C in vacuum, and the transpiration of graphite at the beginning of softening increases at 3600 C.

The thermal conductivity and conductivity of graphite paper are quite high. Its conductivity is four times higher than that of stainless steel, two times higher than that of carbon steel and 100 times higher than that of non-metallic products. Its thermal conductivity not only exceeds that of copper, iron and lead, but also decreases with the increase of temperature, which is extremely high compared with that of common metals. Graphite tends to adiabatic condition at temperatures. Therefore, under ultra-high temperature conditions, the heat transfer function of graphite paper is stable and reliable.

Introduction to the properties of high purity graphite paper:

1. has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. Flexible graphite has little change in physical properties from - 270 to 3650 degrees (in non-oxidizing gases), and can be used in air to about 450 degrees.

2. has excellent chemical resistance. High-purity flexible graphite has corrosion resistance to all inorganic and organic media except in aqua regia, concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid and high temperature dichromate, potassium permanganate and ferric chloride.

3. excellent self lubrication. Flexible graphite is the same as natural graphite. Under the action of external force, the sliding between layers occurs easily, so it has lubricity, good antiwear property and low friction coefficient.

4. high resilience. When the axle or sleeve has radial circular runout due to migration in fabrication and installation, it has satisfactory floating performance. Even if graphite shows cracks, it can be very close, so as to ensure tightness and avoid leakage.

5. Expanded graphite gasket has low requirement on flange surface. Small pretightening force can achieve sealing effect. Simple cutting is a more economical and practical gasket.