Flexible graphite roll (plate)

 Graphite paper     |      2018-11-19 17:04



The graphite plate produced has the following advantages:

High purity and less impurities.

Area weight uniformity is more stable.

Tensile strength is excellent.

technological development

The flexible graphite sheet production line developed by our company has been put into use, and the product quality has reached the international advanced level.

High temperature resistant graphite sheet, antioxidant graphite sheet and nuclear grade graphite sheet have been successfully manufactured. They can be processed into anticorrosive sealing fillers and gaskets, which can be used in various industries such as valves, automobiles, etc.


1. production equipment (graphite paper production line)

Flexible graphite sheet production line developed by ourselves

Precision, full expansion, extreme flexibility.

The cloth is uniform and the area and weight are closer.

Mirror roller, step by step pressing, and strive for perfection.

Hydraulic pneumatic, mechanical and electrical integration, intelligent production!

2. precision testing instruments

Electronic balances, electronic digital micrometers, muffle stoves, tensile strength testing machines, sulfur measuring instruments, etc.

Precision inspection is a continuation of high quality products.

Accurate inspection data provide customers with quality assurance.

Purity and impurity composition test Area and weight uniformity test Sealing performance test Compression and resilience performance test Tensile strength performance test