Flake graphite

 Graphite powder     |      2019-04-28 14:55

Variety: high purity graphite, high carbon graphite, medium carbon graphite
Specifications: particle size 45μm-500μm (325 mesh - 32 mesh), carbon content 85-99.9%.
Performance: The scales are crystallized, thin and good in toughness, excellent in physical and chemical properties, and have good properties such as high temperature resistance, self-lubricity, electrical conductivity, heat resistance, thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance.
Uses: It is widely used in advanced refractory materials and coatings in metallurgical industry, stabilizers in military industrial pyrotechnic materials, pencil cores in light industry, carbon brushes in electrical industry, electrodes in battery industry, catalysts in fertilizer industry, etc. After processing, the flake graphite can produce graphite, graphite sealing materials and composite materials, graphite products, graphite anti-wear additives and other high-tech new products, and become an important non-metallic mineral raw material in various industrial sectors.
Special recommendation: The company's products such as +198, 898, -198 produced by flotation method do not contain acid and alkali, and the pH value is neutral, which is comparable to the 99 carbon content produced by chemical method.