Product advantages of graphite paper

 News     |      2018-11-19 15:12

Low carbon graphite paper belongs to one of the types of graphite paper, which can be generally divided into three types: low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon. Graphite paper is made by chemical treatment of high carbon and phosphorous graphite and rolling at high temperature. It is the basic raw material for making various graphite seals.

Graphite paper is widely used in industry for dynamic and static seals of machines, pipes, pumps and valves in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, appearance, machinery, diamond and other industries. It is a new type of seals instead of traditional seals such as rubber, fluoroplastics and asbestos.

In recent years, due to the acceleration of the upgrading of electronic products and the increasing demand for heat dissipation management of mini, high integration and high-functional electronic equipment, a new heat dissipation technology for electronic products has emerged. This new natural graphite solution has the advantages of high heat dissipation efficiency, small occupancy space and light weight. Uniform heat conduction along the two directions, eliminating "hot" areas, shielding heat sources and components together to improve the function of consumer electronics products, has been widely praised.